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botanical dyed bamboo scarfs


mutu means heart in Nepali.

With every order you support fair, social and sustainable textile crafts and projects in Nepal.


Get to know our mutu-makers


Nepal is one of the economically weakest countries in the world with many challenges, but also a wonderful place with a rich, traditional craft and design culture. The high quality and beauty of these products are a real insider tip - until now! Due to our connection to the land, people, nature and the textile industry, our mission at mutu is to make sustainable Nepalese products known and to support local social projects. We believe that with mutu we can improve the lives of local people, preserve the cultural heritage of handicrafts and send a positive message for a fairer and more sustainable society - in Nepal and the rest of the world.

Wo liegt Nepal im Himalaya?
Social Entrepreneurship


We carefully selected five manufacturers from over 20 production sites visited according to strict criteria. Our choice is based on shared values about quality, sustainable production, social commitment, compliance with fair trade standards and mutual sympathy. It is particularly important to us to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships on both a business and a human level.

weaving crafts


Nepal is a country with a rich tradition in handicrafts. The art of weaving, knitting, embroidery and painting are an integral part of Nepal's cultural identity. By working with small to medium-sized manufacturers, we honor these unique forms of craftsmanship and contribute to their preservation.



At mutu we are constantly developing to promote and connect good products, people, ideas and talents. Our intensive research trip in 2023 enabled us to establish a network with Nepalese producers. The next stage is about deepening our knowledge and personal relationships with raw material suppliers. The transparency and support of our current network will support us in this.


Made from pure, undyed Khullu - the noble undercoat of the yak - from the Tibetan plateaus, this scarf is a testament to sustainable luxury. Your mutu-khullu is handwoven by artisans in the traditional Nepalese weaving mill ChangTang, preserving centuries-old craftsmanship and bringing a touch of the Himalayas to your wardrobe.

Bambusschal mit pflanzlicher Färbung

Your mutu-khullu with luxurious

yak wool


Shipping from mid-November 2023

Soziale Projekte in Nepal

Danke für Deine



We work with non-profit projects like those in Nepal that are committed to improving the living conditions and educational opportunities of children, young people, parents, single parents and families in precarious situations in Nepal. mutu started the charity campaign #mutuchallenge at Christmas in 2020. Since then we have been able to donate a total of €6,334.00 to social projects. In addition, a selection criterion for our manufacturers is social commitment and fair production. A thousand thanks to all supporters!

Wandern im Himalaya

mutu is coming from the heart with love for Nepal, artisanship and nature


mutu is a brand of the Invisible Room company. We are a studio for software and design. Maren - a co-founder of Invisible Room - started 'mutu' as a relief effort for people in Nepal during the 2020 pandemic. She has close, personal relationships with the country and its people. ​The Cahrity campaign in 2020 was so successful that the entire team - Lea, Sascha and Maren - decided to build a fair, social and sustainable brand with 'mutu' in the long term. In addition to the core team, families, friends in Nepal and Germany as well as the #mutucommunity on Instagram are particularly supportive in building a fair, sustainable and social brand with mutu.

Mutu team photo with Lea, Maren and Sascha

Hör mal in unsere Mission rein!

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