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mero mutu logo

mero mutu means
'my heart' in Nepali.

Everything you need to sew a mutu bag, even as a beginner:

Sew your mutu bag 

in the DIY action 'mero mutu'!

Do you love DIY, sewing, handwork and creating unique pieces?


Then you've come to the right place in the DIY mutu community!


Lea, the designer of the mutu totem bag, shares your passion for sewing and handwork.

You know that feeling when a fabric just inspires you? The hand-woven hemp fabric from Nepal inspired Lea to design a totem bag for mutu and to sew a limited edition for the mutu shop.

With our new DIY campaign 'mero mutu' we are taking sewing and handwork to a new level. We provide you a pattern for download, a sewing instructions as PDF and a video as well as already-cut fabric.


You can sew your own mutu totem bag and become part of the #mutucommunity.

We act as ambassadors for high-quality Nepalese fabrics and would like to educate people about sewing as wage labor. Together we can establish slow fashion and upcycling as alternatives to the fast fashion trend and thus contribute to the fashion revolution to promote a responsible and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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