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We work hand in hand with our manufacturers

Social Entrepreneurship


We carefully selected five manufacturers from over 20 production sites visited according to strict criteria. Our choice is based on shared values about quality, sustainable production, social commitment, compliance with fair trade standards and mutual sympathy. It is particularly important to us to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships on both a business and a human level.

weaving crafts


Nepal is a country with a rich tradition in handicrafts. The art of weaving, knitting, embroidery and painting are an integral part of Nepal's cultural identity. By working with small to medium-sized manufacturers, we honor these unique forms of craftsmanship and contribute to their preservation.



At mutu we are constantly developing to promote and connect good products, people, ideas and talents. Our intensive research trip in 2023 enabled us to establish a network with Nepalese producers. The next stage is about deepening our knowledge and personal relationships with raw material suppliers. The transparency and support of our current network will support us in this.

Kumbeschwar Technical School

Founded in 1983, the KTS supports socially and economically disadvantaged people through education and vocational training. There is a particular focus on women and disadvantaged groups. The KTS offers training programs that teach marketable skills in crafts and produces knitwear, rugs and furniture through its manufacturing facilities, creating fair-paying job opportunities. The school, certified as a fair trade organization by the WTFO since 2013, finances its social activities, such as a primary school for children in Patan, through these production facilities and makes a significant contribution to poverty alleviation and community development in Nepal. ​What particularly excited us was the in-house kindergarten for the offspring of employees and the concept of 'homeknitting', in which women can knit the products at home in their own time. The third generation family organization with Satyendra Khagdi as marketing director also helps us to bring your mutus from various manufacturers to Germany. ​ धन्यवाद - Thanks a lot for your great work!

Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes

Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes

weaves and dyes your mutu-bamboo

Shanti Dolma, a 'master of natural dyes', has made it her life's mission to preserve and promote the traditional art of natural dyeing in Nepal. With her heart in the right place and a vision that goes far beyond the ordinary, she founded Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes. and fulfilled her wishes. Her journey began to not only achieve her own dream but also to give back to her community in Kakani. The splendor of Nepal's colors and the harmony of nature are her daily inspiration. With passion and commitment, Shanti uses plants from the Himalayas to create a palette of dyes that are as vibrant and unique as the landscape that surrounds them. Using natural ingredients like pomegranate and onion peels, she has created a palette of 28 gorgeous colors. By founding KHN Dyes, Shanti started a movement of positive change. Their commitment to the environment is evident in every thread, dyed with natural dyes. But their commitment goes far beyond the art of dyeing. Shanti has created a platform for women in Kakani to learn the art of dyeing and achieve financial independence. The heart of their mission is the combination of tradition and sustainable innovation. By using locally sourced materials, it contributes to environmental protection and rethinking. Shanti Dolma and KHN Dyes are more than just a company - they are an example of how to create positive change with courage, innovation and a strong community. The journey of KHN Dyes is an ongoing story of growth, learning and an unceasing passion.

Danfe Works und SAATH NGO mit mutu

Danfe Works

paints your mutu-mithila-bag


The fashion label and NGO incorporate traditional Mithila art into their products, supporting marginalized women and bridging modern design and traditional art. Danfe Works provides on-the-job training and employment opportunities for women in Janakpur.



weaves your mutu-khullu


The traditional ChangTang weaving mill represents Nepal's high-quality textile tradition while embodying a sustainable vision for the future. They make luxurious textiles using ethically sourced yak wool from Tibet. They strive to promote sustainable and socially responsible yak wool production with nomadic yak farmers in Nepal.


Sana Hastakala

weaves your mutu-pashmina


Sana Hastakala, which means "small crafts" in Nepali, is a fair trade organization in Nepal dedicated to promoting and selling Nepali crafts. By revitalizing traditional craft techniques, Sana Hastakala strives to increase the incomes of neglected artisans.


Gandaki Handicraft

weaves your mutu-resama


Gandaki Handicrafts is a family business in the historic city of Bhaktapur with its own organic cotton cultivation in the picturesque region around Gurka. The silk dolls, carefully sourced from the same region, are lovingly hand-spun here, with each thread telling the story of Gandaki's deep connection to traditional craftsmanship.

Sana Hastakala
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