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Helping helpers in Nepal

Today, I'd like to share an inspiring story with you and introduce you to a family that you've been supporting through mutu.

Charity Nepal
Charity Nepal
Ananta and a helper with the Chaudhary family (name changed)

The 'House of Light' in the Kathmandu Valley provides shelter for children and teenagers who are orphaned or in dire situations. Among these is a son from the Chaudhary family, who could no longer be supported by his family and had no access to education in the countryside.

His family resides three hours by motorcycle and an hour's walk from the capital, Kathmandu, on the banks of the Sunkoshi River. This river, also known as the "River of Golden Sands," flows through breathtaking landscapes, both picturesque and rugged. Originating from the Tibetan Plateau, it winds through Nepal's highlands before merging into the Sapta Koshi, one of the main tributaries of the Ganges. The surroundings of the Sunkoshi showcase a stunning mix of majestic mountains, deep gorges, and verdant hills.

While the scenery around the Sunkoshi River seems idyllic, life in this remote region has its challenges. In Nepal's rural areas, the economic situation is intricate. Most of the population depends on farming, often using outdated methods and hindered by unpredictable weather. The lack of infrastructure, such as roads and irrigation systems, impedes transportation and market access. Educational opportunities are limited, constraining skill development and entrepreneurship. A significant workforce migrates to cities or abroad, leaving behind a labor shortage, but remittances from these overseas workers are crucial for the rural populace. These combined challenges stunt economic development in rural Nepal, trapping residents in a cycle of poverty.

Haus in Nepal
Haus in Nepal
The Chaudhary family home

Ananta Badal and I visited the family in 2016. The mother, grandmother, and two younger children lived in a small stone house that was at risk of collapsing due to the 2015 earthquake.

In the rural regions along the Sunkoshi River, a typical home is constructed from locally-sourced materials using traditional methods. Walls might be made of clay, straw, and stone, with roofs covered in reeds or grass. These houses are usually single-story but can be two-story depending on a family's resources. Inside, interiors are basic, often with a main living space that serves as the kitchen, dining, and sleeping area. Windows are small or nonexistent, and doors are made of simple wood or woven materials. Despite their simplicity, these houses often sport colorful decorations, reflecting the community's cultural identity and craftsmanship. They serve as the heart of family life, offering protection and warmth in an otherwise challenging environment.

Insights from the Chaudhary's home

Our visit aimed to assess the repair progress after the earthquake, funded by the UVA 'United Volunteers Association' Nepal. What we found was disheartening: there were hardly any noticeable improvements.

The father, whose life was sadly dominated by alcohol, had misused the funds meant for repairs. Ananta was devastated, but he found the strength to collaborate with the mother in seeking a solution.

"Ke garne" or "It is what it is" signifies that while there may be no preventing adverse events, there's no reason to be deterred from moving forward.

Helfenden helfen zu helfen
Helfenden helfen zu helfen
Ke garne! Solutions emerge!

We immediately contacted a local teacher, asking him to keep a watchful eye on the family, coordinate the reconstruction, and protect the family from the father's problematic behavior.

If possible, I hope to return to Nepal soon and revisit the Chaudhary family. I'm grateful they allowed me to share their story with you.

Mutter küsst ihr Kind
Mutter küsst ihr Kind
Mother Chaudhary with her youngest children

Through mutu, we aim to help those who provide assistance.

By shopping at mutushop.com for scarves and blankets #madeinnepal, you're supporting, among others, Ananta Badal, the 'House of Light,' and the Chaudhary family.

Thank you sincerely for your support!


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